Steven is an experienced and successful teacher of piano to students of all ages (from young children to retired adults) and all abilities (from absolute beginner to diploma level). He also teaches music theory and composition.

He is a Fellow of the Incorporated Society of Musicians [ISM].

He has been teaching piano at Clifton College in Bristol for many years, as well as maintaining a private practice.

He has received plenty of professional development training from the ISM and ABRSM, and his DBS Enhanced Certificate dates from July 2022.

Piano students are encouraged to learn classical repertoire and techniques, but also to explore other musical styles such as jazz. Steven aims for an integrated approach to learning, where the technical, theoretical, aural and expressive aspects of playing will interact with each other in creative and fruitful ways. Entry for examinations is entirely optional, depending on the preferences and circumstances of the individual student. Tuition in music theory can also be tailored to meet individual needs.

A free consultation is available for anyone interested in the possibility of taking lessons in piano or music theory.

"Even though I've been playing the piano for most of my life, I've really come to love it and appreciate it fully in the last few years and your lessons have been one of the highlights of my time at school."

(Beth, aged 18; June 2021)

"The children have really enjoyed the lessons despite it being through Zoom. I'm very grateful for your patience and encouragement." (HB, mother of two pupils aged 12 and 10; July 2020)

"Another year and another bunch of achievements! All thanks to your quality teaching and your patience."

(H, S, Y, a mother and her two children who all have lessons; July 2019)

"Thank you so much for being such an encouraging, enthusiastic and interesting piano teacher over these past five years."

(Constance, aged 17; May 2018)

"Thank you for teaching me over the last few years. You've always been great, patient and hugely helpful in getting me through my grades."

(Susanna, aged 18; July 2017)

"I have found you the best teacher I have ever had in my adult life since I was taught by Bernard Roberts back in the late 1960's and early 70's."

(MW, an adult student; June 2017)

"Thank you for all the fun piano lessons. You help me regain my interest for playing."

(Alex, aged 17; June 2017)

"Thank you for another year of being a fun, patient and inspiring teacher, and for helping make my progression as a pianist an enjoyable process as always."

(Miranda, aged 14; December 2016)

"The balance of support and challenge you have given has been perfect."

(PC, father of an eleven-year-old pupil; April 2016)

"Thank you for being such an amazing teacher this year. I feel like my playing has actually improved a lot and I actually feel like I love the piano more than I ever did before."

(Sabrina, aged 17; June 2015)

"I have been playing piano loads recently and it made me think of you. I can learn nearly anything I want thanks to all your brilliant teaching. Thank you so much!"

(Katrina, former pupil; January 2015)

"Thank you for making piano fun!"

(Daniel, aged 11; December 2014)

"The children were delighted.....Many thanks for all you have done - not just superb teaching and for inspiring them, but also for the love of music, fun and friendship which evolved."

(KC, mother of two long-standing pupils; April 2011)